Zales Engagement Rings: An American Love Affair

Zales: The Diamond Store

America loves Zales engagement rings. Zales is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the US. The company's roots date back to small-town Texas in the 1920s and has grown exponentially since then. Zale's founder created the store with customer service, quality, and affordability in mind: A 1/4 carat solitaire, white-gold ring will cost you $399. If you shell out a little more, a 2 carat ring with similar qualifications will set you back 12 grand and a 3 carat will go for around 20 grand.

Zales offers solitaire engagement rings with and without sidestones, 3 stone rings, and bridal and wedding sets. Zales engagement rings appear to be more basic and less ornate in comparison to some of the more upscale designers such as the Tacori brand or Vera Wang.

Zales corporation actually owns Bailey, Banks & Biddles, which is considered to be their high-end jewelry line as well as Gordon's Jewelry and a few other chain stores.

Unique to Zales is their Lifetime Diamond Commitment. If a diamond from their store is damaged or lost, the store will replace the diamond at no charge, provided that the customers have documentation of having the jewelry cleaned and inspected every six months. Zales offers the cleaning and inspection free of charge. This can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Zales also has a trade-in policy where you can trade-in your bridal set or solitaire for an upgrade. Your trade-in will be credited at 100% of the purchase price so long as it's used towards a new piece that costs twice the price of your original purchase.

Joel got me a pair of diamond stud earrings and matching diamond pendant from Zales and you certainly won't hear any complaints from me. ( In all fairness, I wouldn't complain about receiving jewelry period, no matter the source ).

Of course, I feel that the best deals around will always be found from strictly online stores, where the savings from not having to pay expensive overhead is passed on to consumers. Be sure to compare major retail store prices from Zales to online venues.

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