Vintage Engagement Rings Are Extremely Stylish and Very Much In Vogue

Vintage engagement rings are very in-style and not just with the over-80-crowd. Some families have heirlooms passed down through generations. They often feature intricate design work and settings that make for a glamorous, unique look. For those not fortunate enough to have a generous relative willing to part with an antique heirloom ring, rest assured in that many stores today sell replicas of vintage engagement rings.

"Vintage" or "antique" are broad-ranging terms typically used to describe any item that is over 50 years old. In contrast, an estate ring refers to any ring that is less than 50 years old. Todays standards for diamonds don't necessarily apply to antique engagement rings. For example while clear/white diamonds are considered ideal today, years ago people wanted diamonds with a hint of color (i.e. yellow, green, or pink). Also, methods of cuttings diamonds and finding flaws and inclusions were less refined way back when, so most antique rings might not pass muster by current industry standards. Also, if you have your mind set on a vintage engagement ring, keep in mind that not all antique engagement rings are intended for everyday wear, particularly those with stones other than diamonds.

Antique engagement rings from the Edwardian era (1900-1920) were designed during and after the reign of King Edward and his wife Alexandra. The rings during this period were typically made of white gold or platinum and featured delicate lace-like details (referred to as filigree) incorporating designs such as bows,scrollwork, hearts, flowers, and beaded edges. Rose-cut diamonds and sapphires gemstones were often included on Edwardian engagement rings. Check out Edwardian engagement rings

Victorian engagement rings (1835-1900)designs range in complexity. Many have rows of diamonds and pearls. The rings are often set in yellow or rose gold. During the era of Queen Victoria, it was an era of romance, beginning with the marriage of Queen Victoria to her beloved Prince Albert. Check out Victorian engagement rings.

Art Deco engagement rings (1920-1930) were crafted with more of a geometric look with sharp edges and bold colors. The sleek modern style often featured a center stone and smaller stones fashioned together in the pattern of flowers, leaves, and other shapes. Contrasting gemstones and colors were all the rage as were Ascher,Emerald, and Marquise cuts. Later styles in the period favored a white-on-white look with platinum settings and white diamonds The style orignated in Paris and was most popular in the roaring 20s, only to fade out during World War II. Check out art deco engagement rings or 1920s engagement rings

Jewelry styles of the retro period are recognized by the presence of yellow gold, and sometimes rose gold (pink gold). Platinum was hard to come by after World War 2. Large styling featuring gem clusters were popular with the buying public. Rather than using expensive gemstones, jewelers often used bright colored, less expensive gemstones like citrine, aqua marine, topaz and tourmaline. Check out retro engagement rings or 1930s engagement rings

Miner cut diamond engagement rings was a very stylish cut, back in the golden days. Another stylish vintage cut thought to have originated first in India in the late 1300s are rose cut diamonds. Rose cut diamonds and gemstones first become used and exceptionally beloved during the Renaissance, when they were thought to symbolize a mystical, even "neo-pagan" type of Christianity that was flourishing in those days. They flourished in the Neo-Classical and Romantic Eras. But they went out of style by the late Victorian Age (which for all intents and purposes closed out in the year 1900). Check out Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. The old European cut was developed long before today's technology made it possible to cut diamonds with the "perfect" precision and geometrically perfect diamond cuts that people are familiar with today and see advertised in all of the commercials. These diamond cuts evolved from the the old mine cut and were developed to be refinements of the cushion cuts. You can recognize them by their very small tables and bulky, heavy crowns. Check out: european cut diamonds

If you are in love with antique style rings, consider yourself extremely fortunate if an older family member wants to give you or your loved one an heirloom engagement ring

Antique blossom diamond engagement rings are perfect for so many different reasons, but what are the main ones that ensure people keep on buying them?

Every girl wants a diamond ring when she gets engaged, and buying antique reproduction diamond engagement rings could be the perfect choice in this regard.

There are a huge number of reasons for the current popularity of plain antique engagement rings and all of these are combining to lead to the huge amount of people opting for this choice.

If you're not fortunate enough to inherit a vintage heirloom, you may want to check out Ross Simons who offers an extensive collection of antique jewelry at their physical and online stores and mail catalogs. Topazery offers a nice selection of engagement rings and a wide variety of rings under $2,000. Check out their online store for more information. Fay Cullen is one of the biggest antique jewelry websites in the world. They sell a very large amount of vintage, antique, and estate engagement rings, partially due to their highly competitive prices.

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