Verragio Engagement Rings Tout Their Lumino Setting as Allowing for the Ultimate Amount of Brilliance and Sparkle

Verragio engagement rings are built to impress. Barry Verragio designed the lumino setting in order to best showcase the center diamond stone. The mounting suspends the diamond above the ring, allowing as much light as possible to reflect off all sides of the diamond, while still protecting the gemstone. The setting is exclusive to the Verragio line and enhances the diamond's size, shape, brilliance and sparkle. In fact, Verragio claims that their lumino setting allows for 75% more light rays to be captured than traditional setting Most of their rings are designed with platinum metals but they do manufacture white and yellow gold as well.

Verragio does not sell directly to the public but rather to authorized retailers. Verragio manufactures semi-mounts only, meaning that you are expected to either provide the diamond or purchase one through one of their authorized retailers or other store that sells loose diamonds. However, if you have a specific or custom request, they can work with you to fulfill your dream engagement ring design.

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