The Couple Behind the Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide had its origins in South Carolina. Joel and I met in graduate school at the University of South Carolina. He was getting his degree in classical guitar performance and I was studying to be a school psychologist. Little did we know that our paths would one day cross.

In the third year of my program, I decided to take guitar lessons for fun. I became friendly with my guitar instructor Marina, who would invite me to attend guitar concerts that she and her colleagues performed in. While I usually turned her down, I decided on a whim to go to one of her concerts on one rather slow Friday evening. Good thing I went. My eyes were immediately drawn to Joel at the concert, not even realizing that he was actually there to play. When he sat down to play later in the evening, I was captivated. Marina introduced me to several of her colleagues after the concert, including Joel. I was so nervous, I could only muster a brief "nice to meet you" and headed for the door.

A few weeks later, it was my turn to perform in a guitar concert. I was really anxious.....this was my first recital and I felt like I could barely breathe. Low and behold, Joel was also there to perform as well. He approached me and struck up a conversation. I must have done something right because he asked Marina for my phone number that evening and called me for a date the next day.

While I eventually stopped playing guitar (I'll pick it up again one day when I have time), I kept the man and married him. Our one year anniversary is approaching and I couldn't be happier. He is my partner and my best friend.

When we first started talking about getting married, I would casually show Joel pics online of what kinds of rings I thought were pretty. He rose to the occassion and did some research on his own. Ultimately he chose Blue Nile because of its large selection of diamonds, excellent prices, and solid reputation in the diamond industry. I started the Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide because I really enjoyed everything about getting engaged and planning a wedding. Joel helps out with some of the technical aspects and I do most of the writing. Anyway, I hope this website will be of help to you in your quest to find a beautiful ring and begin a wonderful journey together.

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