Turquoise Engagement Rings Are Asssociated With Luck, Love, and Happiness

Looking for something different and unique to present to your beloved? A turquoise engagement ring might be just the thing to show her just how unique she is. Is there a special meaning for you in the month of December? Choosing a turquoise engagement ring is an additional way to commemorate December as it is the birthstone for this particular month. In many cultures, the blue-green stone is associated with luck, wealth, faithfulness and trustworthy relationships. It is also associated with the metaphysical characteristic of promoting happiness. What greater way can you represent the luck that you found your beloved and the wealth of love and happiness that the two of you will share?

The history of turquoise dates as far back as 3,000 B.C. The beauty of this gemstone has adorned many historical artifacts from all over the world from Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Persia and the United States. The turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate that occurs naturally in all shades of blue. You can find it in shades from sky-blue, robin's egg blue, blue-green, grayish green, or green. The more copper that the stone is composed of makes the stone bluer, while the more iron or chromium makes the stone greener. Rarely if ever, will you find a turquoise that has been faceted because faceting brings out the reflective properties of clearer gemstones, and turquoise is not clear. However, you can find many popular shapes such as marquise, oval or heart.

Due to the softness of turquoise, usually only a six, many stones are given a hardening treatment to make them more durable, as well as waxing or polishing to promote their color. Some stones may be dipped in a coloring agent before being sealed; according to rules of the ICA this must be indicated. Due to the softness of the stone, gentle care and cleaning are required. It is recommended that one should remove the turquoise before sun tanning as the UV rays can change the color of the stone. Also, when washing dishes, using household cleaners, or bathing the turquoise engagement ring should be removed to prevent damage. When storing, it should be stored away from other jewelry to prevent damage to the stone. If you have any doubts about the care or cleaning of your engagement ring, contact a reputable jeweler that has knowledge about this gemstone's care.

Due to the uniqueness of using turquoise as an engagement stone, it may be very hard to find one unless you live in the Southwestern United States. If you really want to impress your bride to be, consider custom designing her engagement ring. This will show her that a lot of love and thought went into the creation of her ring.

Show her that the sky is the limit when it comes to your love for her with a beautifully designed engagement ring that has "a piece of the sky" as the gemstone.

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