Tungsten Rings : I Think I Should Have Gone With Tungsten Vs. Titanium

I think I should have bought Joel a tungsten ring versus the titanium bands that I got him. I bought Joel a titanium wedding band, but I'm beginning to have some regrets, the more I read about tungsten. The very shiny titanium wedding band I bought him over a year ago, he now refers to as the symbol of our "tainted love." You see, the ring is totally scratched up! (and no, he doesn't engage in heavy-duty physical labor on a regular basis). In fact, the ring was really scratched up looking, about several months into our marriage. A trip to the jeweler's is not high on our priority list, so the ring may continue to be scratched-looking for eons to come.

Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, mined from Wolframite ore. It melts at an extraordinary 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit–the highest melting point of all metals. Tungsten rings are one of the hardest metals around. They are approximately 4 times harder than titanium and 5 times harder than steel. Only superman could destroy this ring. (yet, in the event of an emergency, a medical or jewelry professional can cut the ring off with special tools)

Another cool thing about tungsten rings, is that they have a heavy feel to them. And what better to remind your man of his committment to you, when a hot-looking girl walks by :)

From what I've read about tungsten rings, they will maintain their shiny, flawless surface for many years to come. Keep in mind, that in order to stay polished in appearance, the tungsten ring must contain carbide. As some tungsten rings, are sold without carbide and are therefore not scratch-resistant, make sure that you purchase a tungsten ring that includes it.

Beware that many tungsten and tungsten carbide rings have Cobalt in them. Tungsten that contains cobalt is easier to obtain and such rings are commonly sold. Tungsten rings that contain cobalt may cause allergic reactions!! An itchy, green ring finger is not cool. Also, after a short time period the ring will react to oils in human skin and develop oxidation spots that cannot be removed or polished out. The spots are unattractive and give off an appearance akin to tarnished silver.

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