Titanium Bands: Industrial Metal Meets Wedding Industry

Titanium bands are the new black in the wedding industry. Titanium has a long history in industries such the military, aerospace, medicine, etc. but has only been widely seen on the fingers of brides and grooms for the last 20 years. While titanium is not rare, it is one of the strongest materials around, compared to other materials of similar weight. For example, titanium weighs 75% less than gold, but is 50% stronger than steel of the same weight. Titanium is a tough cookie and will outlast other metals such as gold and platinum.

Wait, there are even more advantages to titanium bands. Since titanium is one of the 9th most abundant metals around, it is relatively inexpensive, thus, it will usually cost less than platinum and sometimes less than gold. The cost in titanium jewelry and not for the raw metal but the artistry and labor involved in designing the ring. Titanium is also hypoallergenic and will not make your skin turn green or other unsightly shades. It is a low maintenance metal and doesn't tarnish

Titanium can be combined with other metals such as silver, gold, and platinum and embellished with any kind of gemstone. It can also be colored to have sheens of any shade of the rainbow.

Titanium bands also have a few downsides. Titanium is often marketed as being scratch-resistant, but that's not exactly true. Titanium bands will show small scrapes and scratches just like gold and platinum wedding bands. However, any local jeweler should be able to polish a titanium ring look new again. you need to take care when picking out your ring size because re-sizing titanium rings is nearly impossible. You may be able to slightly increase a titanium ring size, but you really can't make it any smaller. Thus, don't plan on losing any weight after you purchase your ring.

There is an urban legend surrounding titanium, since it is such a strong metal, that if you get a titanium ring stuck on your finger, you will not be able to get it off and your finger will have to be amputated. What a horrible thought! This is not true--- as with other metals such as gold or platinum, if need be, titanium can be cut off one's fingers with a professional-grade ring cutting tool.

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