ThisRING - personal wedding ring proposal

by Samantha
(South Yarra, Victoria, Australia)

Hi there ,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know about a new project I have been lucky enough to work on—the recently launched website I believe it will be of interest to you and appeal to the readers of Ultimate Engagement Ring. is a personal wedding ring design site based on the fact that there is something missing from the whole wedding proposal deal.

All women hope that their partner picks out the PERFECT engagement ring for them, however, that can be extremely difficult—sometimes impossible. That is why wants to help!

Basically all women are able to create a complete style guide for their dream engagement rings. This includes diamond colour and shape, ring size, metal type, and styles that they might want to duplicate or reference. This is a very simple process and takes about 5 minutes.

All their information is stored in ThisRING’s data base for free, where their partners can secretly search for the ring and retrieve the preferences. The information can then be used when shopping for an engagement ring. This keeps the proposal a surprise by not having to ask their partner what they want while purchasing the perfect ring.

Kate Middleton had 3 dress designs on hold, and Jennifer Love Hewitt has 3 rings on hold. This surely shows that something women want is choices!

Have a look at our website and if you think our story is worth sharing, I’d love for you to write about Either way, we’d love to know what you think about the site as feedback will help improve Version 2.

Thanks again for your time, I hope I get to hear back from you soon!

(I can also attach a media release for your preference.)

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