The Smartest Way to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

The most cost efficient way to buy an engagement ring is to purchase it from an online jeweler. I suggest buying a certified loose diamond and pairing it up with an engagement ring setting, this is hands down the cheapest way to buy a high quality diamond engagement ring. Online companies offer loose diamonds and engagement rings at prices up to 50% lower than most traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores.

The competitive websites in the diamond engagement ring industry also offer free shipping, free ring sizings, and no charges for setting the certified engagement diamond. In addition, a quality online jeweler will also have a well written learning section that will cover all of the information you'll need to know about diamonds and rings to be an informed shopper.

You must learn about the four c's in order to make an informed diamond buying decision. The four c's are the most important part of buying a diamond engagement ring, these four factors determine the value of a diamond; they are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. With an understanding of the four c's you will be able to find a balance amongst the four, in turn finding the best possible certified loose diamond for your budget.

Once you've become familiar with the diamond 4c's and understand what diamonds you

can afford, it's then time to set the budget. The conventional way to go about this is to spend two months of a yearly salary, some in the engagement ring industry will say 6% of a yearly salary. No matter what you spend, make sure to start with a budget and seek the absolute best quality GIA, EGL, or AGS certified loose diamond and engagement ring setting for your budget. GIA, EGL and AGS are the most respected independent gem grading labs in the U.S.

Many couples have talked about getting engaged and many couples have even talked about what kind of diamond engagement ring the future bride likes. If you haven't spoken about the diamond engagement ring with her yet then you might want to ask her family and friends if she has ever mentioned a certain style or diamond shape. When you are shopping for an engagement ring, take into account her personal style, lifestyle, the shape of her fingers and hands, and her ring finger size.

After you've learned about the four c's as previously mentioned, you can now make an informed diamond buying decision, choosing a loose diamond that suits her likes, your likes and your budget. After finding the best certified loose diamond for your dollar, it's then time to pair it with the engagement ring setting.

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