Tension Mount Engagement Rings Appear to Defy Gravity With the Diamond Seemingly Floating Mid-Air

tension mount engagement ring

One highlight of the tension mount engagement rings is that they are said to allow more light to reflect off of the diamond when compared with traditional settings.

Tension mount engagement rings have been around since the 60s when introduced to the world by Friedrich Becker, a famous jewelry designers for engagement rings. The method of suspending the diamond has been improved since then and involves heat treated alloys which create compression.

The settings exerts 65 to 95 pounds per square millimeter of pressure, securely holding the gemstone in place. Although the diamond appears to look like it could easily come out of the setting, the pressure should hold the stone in place securely for hundreds of years to come and the design should prevent the stone from chipping. They are thought to be even more secure by some jewelers than traditional settings....although this is a hot topic of debate in the jewelry industry. It should be noted that only hard gemstones can be tension mounted such as diamonds, rubies & sapphires.

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