Synthetic / Hybrid / Simulants Engagement Rings

by Gideon
(New York, NY)

I'm confused.

Trying to determine what should be a "girl's best friend," I became increasing more enveloped by the choices that were out there.

In fact, after reading some interesting overview articles, I was certain that a synthetic (lab-created) diamond was the way to go. I could get a genuine diamond that was conflict free -- and for an affordable price.

Unfortunately, it seems that these lab-created diamonds aren't very big. (I couldn't find a white round diamond around 1ct, even though companies like Apollo or Genesis claimed to have them.) However, I was committed to the idea.

I then was distracted looking into hybrid diamonds. This was somewhere between the simulants and the synthetics. Companies like MiaDonna have these kind of stones. Unfortunately, I read some vehement criticism stating MiaDonna was a sham, because they were really selling an asha simulant infused with a synthetic diamond -- and charging a lot more.

Deep down, I don't want to settle for a simulant (e.g. CZ, Asha, moissanite), because I think that there is a real stigma associated with this kind of stone. My fiancee feels that this cheapens the symbolism (not that she is too materialistic) but I understand from where she is coming.

The problem is that I don't have an effective way to grasp the big picture. If a mined diamond in the truest sense is the touchstone that everything is to be compared, then, logically, the synthetic diamond and the hybrid would meet this standard -- simulants would not. Do you agree with this statement?

In particular, I feel that the synthetic stone definitely meets this quality criterion, but what do you think about the hybrid stone? Sham or not? If not, what is a fair price? They claim that the hybrid stones have all the properties of a real diamond. I just don't want to shell out the monies to find that I am buying a glorified simulant -- and not worth the price. They claim that they can provide a certificate of genuineness based on the 4 C's. I would like the assurance that I am buying a diamond-like stone that will have the longevity of a mined diamond. Am I crazy?

What are your thoughts?

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