synthetic diamond

by Annie
(Ny, Ny)

I was wondering which synthetic diamond is the best? I actually visited helzburg and saw the moissanite rings. it was too green for me. I read reviews about nexus lab diamonds and saw there were more bad reviews than good. I'm not too familiar with the asha diamonds. Are they really similar to an actual diamond?

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Dec 12, 2009
My Synthetic Asha Diamond Choice
by: Connie

One I first told my fiance I wanted a synthetic diamond, he answered with a big resounding 'NO!'

When I explained my reasoning he eventually came around.

So, with that in mind, my synthetic needed to look really real.

I have an Asha diamond. I did a lot of research before proceeding with my purchase including research on Nexus.

I almost got sucked into Nexus's wonderful marketing but thankfully kept digging deeper and the majority of the reviews were not good.

On the other hand, the asha comments were always gushing.

I now proudly wear a two carat princess cut that no one, I mean NO ONE has ever assumed or questioned to be a fake.

The girls I work with are so jealous of my ring they are sometimes actually almost mean to me about it.

And, I've actually had customers that have snatched my hand up and said, OH MY GOSH while looking at my ring.

I am always concerned that when someone is looking at it so closely they will toss my hand down and say, hah, this is a synthetic diamond but they only thing they ever say is, 'you are a very lucky woman.'

Dec 11, 2009
Asha Diamonds
by: Anonymous

Hi Annie,
I would probably go with an Asha diamond. From doing some snooping around on the web, most women seem very pleased with their beautiful rings and their excellent customer service. Ziamond has pretty-appearing rings on their website but many women have found the rings to be of shoddy workmanship and their return policies are not consumer-friendly. Diamonique rings don't seem to have as many attractive choices.

Asha rings claim to be the only company that employs true lab created amorphous diamond (pure carbon diamond bonds) in its construction. Asha says that they combine the craftsmanship of precision cutting and polishing, with a amorphous diamond infusion process to produce an incredible simulated diamond.

In additon they say that because Asha contains actual diamond carbon bonds, the result is a diamond simulant that is able mimic the light play, lustre and beauty of gem diamond but at diamond simulant pricing.

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