sterling silver jewelry

by Diane
(Frackville, PA usa)

can a sterling silver ring be sized up from a 6.25 to a size 7? Approx. costs??

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Jun 27, 2011
by: nacklace

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Jan 15, 2010
Resizing a sterling silver ring
by: Anonymous

Yes, you can have a jeweler increase the size of your silver ring, but it won't be easy necessarily or cheap. can be resized, however the cost may not be justified. Sterling silver rings can be divided into two basic classes. The first class would be rings with stones, inlays and other adornments. The second class would be bands. Bands would have to be further separated in plain and those with patterns. Considering that most highly skilled tradesman, including jewelers bill their time around $70.00 to $90.00 per hour all repair work is expensive.

A very experienced jeweler can resize a simply designed ring in about a half hour. The cost of labor and material will far surpass the original cost of many sterling silver rings. Sterling silver rings set with stones present a very different problem. There is a real chance that applying pressure to a mounting could tear it apart. Although this method is fast and not expensive there is a real chance that the ring will suffer a permanent injury. Many jewelers would not want to take the chance of injuring a ring and would not offer this method except for a very small fractional size adjustment.

There are two more complications when working with sterling silver rings. Many jewelers who normally do not work on sterling silver will not want to because the sterling silver will contaminate their cutting and polishing tools. The other problem is that many sterling silver rings are plated with rhodium. The rhodium plating would have to be refinished and will add greatly to the job's cost.

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