Finding Out Some of the Statistics on Engagement Rings Can Be Helpful in Making Our Way Through This Confusing Process

Finding out statistics on engagement rings and what other men and women are thinking and doing, should hopefully be of help to you. The following statistics on engagement rings were collected by Clerical Medical in 2004, an investment company in the UK:

70% of women did not want their partners to propose until they had saved enough money to buy the ring of their dreams.

48% of women prefer their partners to use their initiative and propose spontaneously rather than on a specific holiday such as Valentine's day or a Birthday.

Over two thirds of women expect their suitors to ask their fathers for their hand in marriage before proposing. (I think this was probably the scariest part of the whole process for Joel... talking to my parents to ask them for my hand in's one of the few things he's ever been nervous about........fortunately they said yes). All this and then you have to get creative and brainstorm marriage proposal ideas.

28% of women would turn down a proposal if the ring wasn’t to their taste. Now that's scary! It reminds me of an episode of Sex in the City where Carrie throws up when she searches through Aiden's gym bag and sees the ring that he is going to propose to her with. I would hope that most women would say yes to the man of their dreams, even if the ring is not totally up to their status quo. After all, the ring could always be exchanged or modified.

Over half of men prefer to have their fiancé with them to choose the ring.

17% of men are prepared to work overtime to pay for a ring. I knew one guy who worked three jobs in order to save up enough. Poor slob.

Nearly 50% saved money from the wages each month, 15% took out a loan or extended their overdraft.

The luxury Fairmont Hotel Company did an informal survey of their guests regarding statistics on engagement rings and proposals and found that:

54% of the guests surveyed chose to drop on one knee when they proposed to their loved ones, and to help celebrate the engagement

a romantic 59% made sure to have a favorite bottle of wine or champagne on hand.

45%, or most of those surveyed, dated one to three years before they decided to propose.

54% chose to pop the question locally, while the remainder chose to pop the question on a specially planned trip.

55% believe in love at first sight.

59% consulted with friends when planning the proposal, while 21% planned everything on their own.

54% were confident that their partner would answer with a resounding “yes,” while 46% were unsure.

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