Stainless Steel Engagement Rings are Hot for 2008

Stainless Steel Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

When a person thinks of Stainless steel, they envision silverware, knives, medical equipment, or possibly watchbands. Today, Stainless Steel jewelry is becoming all the more popular due to its durability and lower price, as well as the fact that it is hypoallergenic.

Engagement rings and Wedding bands can be made from stainless steel and they are just as beautiful as any ring made from gold or titanium. Rings made from stainless steel can be very simple, like a plain band, to the very intricately carved or inlayed with colors. Gemstones and Diamonds can be added for beauty. They can also be very easily engraved with a personal message to add a personal touch.

Stainless steel gets its name from the fact that it does not leave stains. It also does not corrode or rust like ordinary steel does. Stainless steel is composed of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium, and nickel. It does not scratch or dent as easily as gold jewelry does.During the Art-Deco era, stainless steel was used in the upper portion of the Chrysler Building. Today, many restaurants have large decorative panels of stainless steel where customers can see them; however where the customer cannot see there is lots of machinery and surfaces that are made of stainless steel as well. In hospitals, stainless steel is used for surgical instruments, surgical tables, and in the pins, rods, and screws that go into a patient’s body due to the hypoallergenic properties. The United States Air Force Memorial has a stainless steel skin consisting of a carbon-iron composition.It is hard for couples in search of stainless steel engagement rings and wedding bands to locate them in the big named retail jewelers. These jewelers want to keep more expensive jewelry made from gold and platinum in stock. Below is a list of stores that do carry stainless steel rings:•

Zales engagement rings • DeBebians• Pierced Fish• Just Men’s Rings•• Talisman Jewelers and Metalsmiths• Salt Lake Silver Ring Company

Taking care of stainless steel jewelry is not hard. As time goes by, stainless steel may require a buffing by a professional. However, when storing stainless steel jewelry when not being worn, store it away from softer metals (gold) that can be damaged by the harder stainless steel, and away from gemstones that could also suffer damage when coming into contact with the tougher metal.

For couples that may be on a budget, or want an engagement ring or wedding band that allows more diversity in design, stainless steel is the metal that will withstand the test of time, just like their love.

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