Spence Diamonds

Spence Diamonds is, I have to say, an impressive business. It's Canada's largest diamond jewelry retailer, with its main office in Vancouver. In business since 1978, Spence now specializes in e-commerce, as they strive to always remain highly price-competitive. They also have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.

One of the things that really sets Spence Diamonds apart is the shopping experience they give you as you browse over 4,000 different pieces of jewelry (there are over 3,000 on display in each one of their locations). Spence lays out everything for the public shopper to see. However, all Spence diamond jewelry is actually custom-made, so how can this be? The answer is that they only display prototypes--not the final piece that you will wear. What this means for you is that there is no salesman pressuring you to buy a certain piece or to rush your buying decision. You try on different prototypes, you find the prototype that you want for your piece, and then you find out what the price of your custom piece would be. They make it transparent for you to choose that desired prototype design, too, for each store is equipped with: a 10X binocular microscope which enables you to accurately assess a diamond's clarity; GIA Facetware software so that you can accurately evaluate the cut; and, Diamondlite technology so that you can see a diamond's "true colors." Each prototype has a base price tag clearly marked on it, too. It's that simple and straightforward. (Spence does carry gemstones and jewelry pieces that are non-diamond, too.)

So, guys, you don't have to be irritated or intimidated to go the diamond store if you shop at Spence Diamonds! They have so many carat weight ranges that just about anyone can find a diamond that they not only like, but can also afford.

Spence gets all of its diamonds from Antwerp or the Canadian High Arctic region, assuring you of the highest quality in gemstones. Spence also handles all of its own diamond importation, purchasing, and piece manufacturing--meaning that you never have to deal with a middleman. This naturally enables Spence to offer you quality diamond jewelry at the lowest possible prices, as three layers of normal middle man expenses don't exist for them.

If you go to a Spence Diamonds store you'll find classic and modern solitaire pieces that come in either unique or traditional settings and are made with either multi-tone or uniform-tone metals. They offer you traditional as well as contemporary settings including prong, bezel, flush, and cluster. There are also rings with pave-set accent stones or baguettes, as well as various stone cuts including round, princess, and marquise.

You can view a lot of the prototypes online, but not as many as you get to see--and try on--if you go to one of their locations. Going to Spence Diamonds is truly a one of a kind diamond buying experience.

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