Simon G Engagement Rings: What Makes them so Special?

Simon G engagement rings are known throughout the world as being some of the best on the market, but why are they just so good?


What Are Simon G Engagement Rings?

Simon G is a hugely well-known designer of jewelry and Simon G engagement rings are considered to be at the height of desirability. The company itself is based in California and employs 60 different highly skilled members of staff, but it was actually founded by one man by himself – Simon Ghanimian, a man born and raised in Beirut, Syria. From humble beginnings he has grown his company into a leader in the field and his jewelry is now worn by the rich and famous in every corner of the globe.

Simon G engagement rings are generally summed up by one rule – it is all in the detail. Whereas other engagement rings might have fancy stones or complex designs, Simon G engagement rings are known to bring everything together, with absolutely every facet of every ring being expertly detailed in a way only Simon G can do. In fact, so exact is the process that this company uses, nothing is outsourced – from the alloying of the metal through to the setting of the stone, everything is done by employees within Simon G. This is not something that most jewelry companies can say in this day and age!

Aside from the attention to detail, the other thing that defines Simon G engagement rings is the unique ideas that always come from this jeweler, which leads to some of the most interesting and evocative pieces of jewelry on the market. If it wasn’t for designers like Simon G then everyone would be wearing exactly the same rings on their fingers, and where is the fun in that?

How Much Do Simon G Engagement Rings Cost?

As with every other type of jewelry, it is impossible to put a definitive answer on this question, but one thing is for sure – Simon G engagement rings don’t come cheap! Due to their superior craftsmanship and high level of originality, the engagement rings that they sell can be priced higher, and people still flock to buy them!

The other factors that contribute to the price that Simon G engagement rings demand are the type of stone used (or in some cases, stones), the material used for the actual ring and the engraving or anything else, such as bead work. All of these factors mean that different rings by Simon G come in at different prices – although the most expensive of rings are sold for upwards of $10,000 each!

So, if you have the money and are looking for the best in design when it comes to jewelry for your soon to be fiancé, then why not go for one of the many Simon G engagement rings? They are stylish, unique and they are absolutely guaranteed to turn heads absolutely everywhere you go! So, what are you waiting for?