Silver engagement rings are a rarity, although I’m not sure why. Silver is very similar in appearance to white gold and platinum yet costs a ton less. Which makes it an obvious choice for couples who are looking to cut costs when making the big ring purchase. Silver is very soft, and so sterling silver is often used for fine jewelry. Sterling silver contains mostly silver and a small percentage of other metals, typically copper. This gives silver its strengths while allowing it to maintain it high precious metal content. The term sterling silver is in reference to the .925 grade of silver….meaning it’s comprised of 92.5 % silver. Most high quality silver items are stamped with a quality mark such as sterling, sterling silver, ster., or .925.Be forewarned that silver corrodes more easily than other metals and may need more frequent cleaning and polishing. Typically you can do the polishing on your own with a store-bought tarnish remover . A number of products have been developed for the purpose of polishing silver which serve to remove sulphur from the metal without damaging or warping the metal. Wearing your ring every day is the best way to prevent corrosion as the friction from your fingers will keep the ring shiny. However, avoid letting your silver engagement ring come into contact with household chemicals or when swimming in chlorinated water. In my mind, a metal such as white gold, is more of a hassle as it must be professionaly re-plated with a rhodium coating. Let me tell you, I have a white-gold engagement and having to get it re-plated adds up in costs over time. As most retailers sell gold and platinum engagement rings, you may not be able to find silver engagement rings that easily, particularly if you are looking for a silver engagment ring with mid or even larg sized diamonds. More easily found are silver engagement rings with less costly birthstones or cubic zirconias. However, look on the internet amd you will find a much greater selection to meet your needs than in your local mall. If you don’t see what you like, you can always have a ring custom made. Just make sure that the online business or artisan has a solid reputation by doing things such as checking with the Better Business Bureau, etc.

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