she sold the engagment ring while it was in litigation

by ted
(calgary, alberta)

she moved in with me , we got engaged , she kept demanding I sell my home to purchase her a home, I did nothing but listen to her tyrants and abuse to me , she purchased a 600k condo 5 months later. I had a serious motorclycle accident and spent 3 weeks in the hospital,___ on returning home I found she had already been moving out of my home , she moved out and would not return the equity she had from a motorcylce I transfered to her name , 2 expensive fur coats and a diamond ring worth 25, 000. 00 canadian, I started litigations 3 years ago for the return of same and we are now in discoverys and the matter is now into the courts, she addmitted yesterday she had recently sold the engagement ring to raise cash for herself, my lawyer informs me she actually sold Evidence before the courts and was not allowed to sell the engage ment ring _ my lawyer inform s her lawyer must now stop services to her as law provides for in Alberta, I am baffled, can you explain?? ty ej Parker I am in alberta

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Jan 18, 2010
engagement ring
by: Warren B.

"Shady Lady" tampered with the property of the Courts being aware of the fact ownnership of said ring was being disputed. Therefore by tampering with virtual property of the Court: selling, or disposing of the ring will be defiance and making a mockery of both the Court and all stakeholders involved including my colleagues in the Court. I regard this as a blatant breach of conditions and would rule that the Canadian Crown issue criminal charges sending a message to those endeavoring to defy the Courts with vulgar, arrogant and clandestine tactics. Making off with $25k ring, an asset of serious significance and value, is utter disregard for the above mentioned factors cited, and should carry a jail sentence of some tenure. And, furthermore,
now realizing her self serving defiance that full compensation be provided realizing the ring, a symbol of marriage, was never consumated! Seeing such an issue garner complexities within the legal system is a poor excuse that traditional values (the rightful returning of the ring is now a legal circus and jurisprudence mockery!

Jan 17, 2010
she sold the engagement ring while it was in litigation
by: Anonymous

I feel your sounds like you had a series of unfortunate events from getting mixed up with the wrong woman to getting hurt in an accident to being involved in a lawsuit. What can I least you didn't marry and reproduce with this shady lady. As far as getting the proceeds of the ring returned to you, your lawyer is the one who will provide you the best advice in this regard. Laws vary from province to province, and I hope this works out in your favor! I had a friend in a similar predicament and it has made him more cautious but much wiser in his current romantic relationship.

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