Semi-Bezel Engagement Rings are a Unique Alternative to the Traditional Solitaires

Semi-bezel engagement rings are very cool looking and in-style yet much less common than the tradiational solitaire. With the bezel setting, the ring rather than prongs or bezels hold the diamond in place. This makes for a very modern look.

Diamonds are held into the setting by a metal rim that encases the sides of the stone and slightly above it. The rim can reach around the entire diamond.

The setting holds the diamond securely, making it an excellent choice for ladies who are very active. Another advantage to a bezel setting is that it protects the edges of the diamond and prevents chipping.

With semi-bezel versus bezel engagement rings, the rim surrounds only a portion of the diamond, keeping it secure but allowing more of the stone to be seen. This is why I like them slightly more than the bezel settings.

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