Scatter Set Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are Very Trendy for 2008

Scatter set engagement rings and wedding bands are very trendy for 2008 for women. Even some men are getting in on the scatter band (although I prefer the look on women). The name pretty much describes the look of the ring....multiple stones are scattered across the ring's band as opposed to traditional rings with one or three large diamonds.

Most scatter set bands are thick to accommodate the array of would be difficult to do this with a thinner band. The diamonds can be set into the ring in a variety of ways. For example, with an invisible setting, the diamonds are set deep within the band, with no diamond bumps sticking out of the ring. With a bezel setting, the diamonds are ensconced in metal and then set into the band. The diamonds are typically scattered in a zig-zag pattern. For an even more unique look, the diamonds that are scattered can be of varying sizes. Or, multiple metals can be used (i.e. gold and titanium) for a funky look

While you might think scatter set engagement rings would be more expensive than most rings due to the multiple diamond studs, costs can vary greatly depending on the size and the quality of the diamonds. Because the diamonds are set deep within the band, one can get away with using lower quality diamonds without any ill effects. The number of diamonds, type of metal and complexity of the design will also effect the price. You also don't have to stick with diamonds, you can use as assortment of gemstones or your birthstone. CZs are always an option for the guy on the limited budget. For the band, silver, titanium and gold metals are much cheaper than platinum.

There are some downsides to scatter set engagement rings. Because of the exact positioning of the diamonds, these rings can be difficult to resize. Make sure you know your exact ring size when purchasing a scatter set. In addition, these rings aren't always as easy to find as say, your average simple band. You may have to search harder and longer for the bands you like.

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