Ruby Engagement Rings are Beautiful...But Are Diamond Engagement Rings Better?

Buy your ruby engagement rings with pride! Don't let anyone tell you that diamonds are better as engagement rings. Only you and your potential spouse should decide what fits in with your style, taste, and budget........not popular opinion.... or your future mother-in-law. Besides, you can always tell the nay-sayers that large rubies are even more rare than diamonds.

Rubies belong to the corundum family. Any other color besides red from this family is considered a sapphire. Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds. Diamonds are considered a "10" on the hardness scale while rubies come in at a 9. Rubies have somewhat less clarity than other gemstones and tend to have at least some small inclusions. Most rubies are heat-treated to improve their color, but stones in their natural form do exist. Cushion cut and oval rubies are the most common shape. Burmese rubies are considered to be the most desirable. You may be able to save money by purchasing a ruby with a slightly off-shade i.e. a little bit lighter or darker than what is considered ideal... a vivid red color. You can also save some dough by purchasing synthetic versus natural rubies.

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