Ross Simon Engagement Rings: Your Destination for Antique and Vintage Pieces

Ross Simon Engagement Rings : The company Ross Simon has been around for more than 50 years. It all started in Providence, Rhode Island and is now located in a total of 8 states. They provide their customers with home furnishings, giftware, fine jewelry as well as other luxury pieces for people looking for the finest products. Ross Simon supplies more than 50 million international catalogs on an annual basis which brings their products world wide. This company is known as one of the finest jewelers all around the world.

Ross and Simon offer an array of antique engagement rings to include such pieces as retro, estate, Victorian, Edwardian and even art nouveau and art deco. Many people are getting into vintage and estate jewelry as it has a certain unique flair about it and each piece tells a story of the hard work that went into each detail. Wearing vintage jewelry first came about in the 1960’s when all sorts of styles became acceptable all over. Those designs from the past are considered vintage today and can be found at Ross and Simon. These designs are tried and true and stayed on top through the test of time. They all are still considered top pieces of the fashion world today.

Most of the vintage, estate and antique jewelry were made unique so chances are that the necklace you have from way back when is an original That means that there is no other like it, so you can be proud to own a one of a kind piece of jewelry. You can get such delicate and gorgeous pieces at Ross and Simon. They offer a wide range of designs to choose from. You will always get the highest quality of jewelry from Ross and Simon no matter what era you decide to go with. If you are looking for the best engagement ring for your finance, then you will want to see the rings that Ross and Simon have to offer. They will give you a delicate and unique ring that will make her feel loved like no other.

Ross and Simon offer their customer a variety of 14 different stores and outlets located throughout eight different states. You can also visit them on the Internet at their online store or order one of their price saving catalogs that you can look at in the privacy of your own home. If you’re worried about what types of payments they offer you can rest assured knowing that they offer convenient payment plans to meet everyone’s needs. They have a private label RSPA card and even deferred billing. You can be sure that your purchase is protected with a no risk 100% guarantee so that when you shop with Ross and Simon you can be sure to get top-quality products at great prices.

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