Rose Gold Engagement Rings ... A Golden Underdog??

I don't think I've ever seen any women wearing rose gold engagement rings. Nonetheless, they exist and while not typically sold in most mainstream jewelry stores, can be found in antique stores. Victorian antique engagement rings (1835-1900) were often set in rose gold. You can also find rose gold engagement rings that are produced today. There are some online jewelry stores that actually specialize in producing them.

Most people have preferred the color of gold to remain close to that of pure yellow gold itself. Gold only naturally occurrs in the yellow shade. All others shades are produced by mixing 24K gold with other metals. Pure gold is too soft to wear as jewelry and so alloys are almost always added to it, regardless of the color desired. The term alloys refers to a combination of two or more metals. Gold alloys are a combination of gold, copper and silver. Nickel, zinc, and palladium are common components of white gold alloys. To create rose gold alloys, the silver content of gold is reduced while the content of copper is increased slightly. The more copper that is added to it, the deeper the rose hue.

One thing to note when shopping for a rose gold, is that the color of rose gold may subtly intensify with age due to a tarnishing of the the copper.

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