Ritani Engagement Rings are All About Style AND Comfort

Ritani engagement rings are now designed to accomodate any type of wedding band so that they will fit together perfectly and a custom band need not be ordered. The design allows for the ring and wedding band to be a snug fit so that there is no space inbetween the two rings. The end result is that one is not constantly fidgeting with their rings and hence it is a much more comfortable wear. And since your woman will be wearing her rings until death do you part, you want her to be comfortable for the next 60 years or so. Right?

If you already have a center stone, most all of the the Ritani collections can be accomodated to fit your diamond.In addition, many of Ritani's ring styles may be altered in design by replacing diamonds with ruby's or sapphires. Ritani uses a fine color of G and a near flawless clarity of VVS-VS. Ritani rings are typically made in platinum but special requests can be made for 18k white gold. Each Ritani ring is stamped on the inside of the shank "Ritani." Prices begin at about $2,000.

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