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by Jodi
(Alma Arkansas, USA)

I am 6 foot 3, and have played basketball and college basketball all my life. I have jammed and broke almost every finger including my ring finger which it has been broken and reset twice. So my question is, is it completely out of the question to get like a size 13 womens ring? I know some rings are almost impossible to size. My boyfriend has been looking at rings but im afraid he wont be able to find one that fits. helppppp please.

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Jan 27, 2010
large ring size
by: Anonymous

Hi Jodi,
How funny....I have the exact opposite problem of you....I am very petite with child-sized hands....my ring size is a 3.5. It was a pain...I ordered a ring, it was too large, had to get it resized...they didn't do a good job at the first shop I took it too...so I had to take it to another, and only then did it fit.

To answer your question.....yes, you ultimately will be able to get a ring that fits your finger...you just may have to spend more money/time to make it happen.

One of the first places I would call is Blue Nile (you can google them online and get their phone number). They have excellent customer service and may be able to special order a ring to fit your finger. If they can't....the next place to try would be a nice, stand-alone jewelry shop (don't go to one of the mall places like Zales or Kays...you won't get the customer service and attention you need). The only chain I might try would be Jarred's galleria or Mervis Diamonds...or better yet, a locally owned jewelery store.

While your boyfriend probably wants to surprise you with a ring.....this will be hard, with your ring size...you need special attention from an experienced jeweler. You're best bet would be too go shopping together....let him surprise you with other elements of the engagement...the proposal, etc.

Good luck!

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