Retro Engagement Rings Came into Vogue in the Aftermath of the Great Depression

Retro Engagement Rings: During the latter part of the 1930's and 40's, Europe was moving from the Great Depression right into World War 2. Production of luxury items completely stopped as all resources were being diverted to war production. The most obvious indicator of this is seen in jewelry produced at that time as all precious metals (platinum, silver and gold) were being used for war funding.

The US was now in recovery from the Great Depression's effects. The prosperity generated by the overseas war was being enjoyed. A patriotic wave spread making red, white & blue very popular. After World War 2, conservation was put aside and people desired large pieces of jewelry

Jewelry styles of the retro period are recognized by the presence of yellow gold, and sometimes rose gold (pink gold). Platinum was hard to come by after World War 2. Large styling featuring gem clusters were popular with the buying public. Rather than using expensive gemstones, jewelers often used bright colored, less expensive gemstones like citrine, aqua marine, topaz and tourmaline.

Diamonds had fallen out of favor and were mostly used as accent stones only. Yellow gold alone or alternating yellow and pink gold combos appeared in a large variety of jewelry items. Jewelry was taking on a very strong look now because women were working more due to the men being away at war.

During this time, jewelry was made with the metal in mind. Precious metals were in high demand due to the rationing of them during the war. Stones were used, but usually gold content was the focus. Large scrolls and bow designs were popular with pink gold as the main focal point with diamonds added to accent other stones like rubies. Architectural type designs were the order of the day.

Some have called jewelry from this period "gaudy" or "over the top". This was due to the fact that the stones, when they were used, were large. It was not uncommon for a stone to be in the area of a full carat or more. Symmetrical styling was also popular with different metals intertwined at times. Because of this look, this jewelry is now considered "classic" jewelry and is much sought after, especially for engagement rings.

These days, retro engagement rings are making a comeback. The workmanship and craftsmanship is outstanding. The look of the jewelry is definitely unique in this day and time. Women have taken a liking to the large stone designs of the retro period as a result. Not only do these rings look great, but the designs themselves have a history as well.

There are web sites that are dedicated to the sale of retro jewelry. EBay has lots of items as well. One such web site is where you can find just about anything pertaining to engagement rings. Check out the "Vintage jewelry" link for engagement rings from the retro period, and others as well, that will amaze you.

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