Reeds Jewelers Wants to Make You Part of Their Family

Reeds Jewelers wants to make you feel like your part of their family….as they profess on their website. Founded before many of us were born (1946), Reeds Jewelers started out as a mom and pop shop and have expanded to 90 retail shops as well as online and catalog sales. Their goal is to make you feel at home doing business with them through personalized attention, quality products, and style.

Bill Zimmerman, founder of Reeds Jewelers, felt as though customer service was of the utmost importance. For example, he believed in treating others the way he would like to be treated, doing right by others, showing respect, and never arguing with the customer. These ideals formed the foundation for Reed’s promise to their customers to make life: simply beautiful. As part of this promise, they strive to offer you the most beautiful jewelry they can find, make your shopping experience simple and enjoyable, maintain the highest standard of service, and earn your trust.

Reeds offers jewelry to fit shoppers from all walks of life and budgets and their website offers a smorgasboard of options. For instance, you can make your own diamond engagement ring….and look out high spenders…they have diamonds they go up in price to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or you can choose a ring from one of the many brands they carry such as Scott Kay, Kristall Couture, Princess Plus, and Simon G to name a few.

Reeds also offers their own exclusive line of diamond and gemstone jewelry . For example, the Venus Diamond collection features a unique cut which purports to increase the diamond’s light and fire. The diamonds are cut and polished by Russian master craftsman and feature 81 facets versus the standard 58 in most other diamonds. Every certified Venus Diamond is examined for its brilliance and fire by an independent gemological laboratory. And of course, only diamonds receiving the highest ratings can be called... the Venus Diamond. Each diamond in this collection has a unique identification number laser-inscribed on the diamond girdle for positive identification and protection against loss. On their website, solitaires from this collection range from $3,000 to $9,000

Other exclusive Reeds jeweler collections includes:

- the radiant diamond collection, which also has a unique id number laser-inscribed for positive identification and protection against loss. The collection includes one and three stone rings in platinum settings.

- the ideal diamond collection, which has simple three stone and mult-stone bands in white and yellow gold.

-the Roberta Z collection, which is stated to capture the essence of timeless beauty and includes many rings with an antique look.

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