Princess Engagement Rings Are Sure to Impress Even The Most Fickle of Women

Princess engagement rings are sure to please most women as they are one of the most popular non-round diamond cuts. The cut has pointy corners and an overall square shape. These engagement rings were designed to display the diamond's maximum brilliance and sparkle. The actual princess cut is a recent innovation in the diamond industry and has been around for approximately 40 year. Its invention is credited to M. Weistreich, a Belgian diamond cutter. The cut is technically a square version of the round brilliant cut.

Princess cut diamonds are typically less expensive compared to other diamond shapes as they require less time to cut and polish. Flaws are more easily hidden within the princess shape, also contributing to a lower price.

Princess rings are often set with sidestones. It is common to see three stone princess engagement rings or a princess cut center stone with side baguette diamonds as accents. Princess cut diamonds also look good in eternity ring settings. By the way, the cut can be used with other gemstones as well, not just diamonds.

The squareness of the princess shape makes it more susceptible to chips. As a result, the diamonds are typically set with the prongs at the four corners for ultimate protection against such damage.

I recommend the princess cut....I have an ascher cut engagement rings but I certainly would have been just as happy to wear a princess diamond as well.

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