The Different Types of Pre Engagement Rings

Pre engagement rings are becoming very popular again, but what are they and in what styles do they come in?


What Are Pre Engagement Rings?

Pre engagement rings – otherwise known as promise rings – are still one of the most romantic items in the world, with millions of couples exchanging them every single year to signify their love. They are essentially the precursor to the engagement ring and were traditionally used by people who were too young to wed or too poor to. Nowadays though they are used by people who want to show their love, but are also not yet ready to commit to marriage – although there are an increasing amount of people in this current economic climate who are short on money to wed as well!

What Types of Pre Engagement Rings Are There?

When it comes to pre engagement rings, there are a huge amount of different types to choose from. This is because they are not held in such high esteem as regular engagement rings, therefore meaning that people are free to play around with designs and use more unconventional stones and other materials. Some people don’t like this variety, but most people agree that the variety that pre engagement rings provide is a massively positive thing.

One of the most popular pre engagement rings around revolves around the use of birth stones. Everyone has a different stone dedicated to them, depending on the month that they were born in. As can be imagined, this provides the opportunity to wear something hugely personal on the finger and – depending on which month is represented – the stone can look extremely beautiful. One of the biggest advantages of these pre engagement rings is that the cost of a birth stone ring often is not high – although if your loved one is born with the birthstone of diamond or emerald, you might want to consider a different ring!

Fake diamonds are also a popular choice for pre engagement rings, as they look just like the real thing but don’t cost anywhere near as much! In fact, nobody except a jeweler will be able to tell the difference simply by glancing, so they are perfect for the person who wants to show off to their friends but who don’t have a spare $10,000 to spend on a real diamond ring! Fake diamond rings can be bought from a number of different places and they come at a range of prices, usually dependent on what they have been mounted in.

The final option for pre engagement rings – well, the final option in this article anyway – is to have a plain ring, but to have it inscribed. This is perhaps the most personal of all of the designs, as a couple can have their own special messages inscribed, which only mean something to them and signify the bond that they have. This can also be a cheap option as well, as the cost of rings without stones is significantly cheaper than those with, leaving the only expenditure as the cost of the engraving. There is also a large variety of different materials that can be used, although gold and silver still remain the most popular.