The Popularization of Engagement Rings Dates Back to Ancient Times

The popularization of engagement rings dates back to the time of cavemen, who wrapped pieces of grass around their cavewoman's fingers to let all the other cavedudes know to back off. Find out more about the origin and evolution of engagement rings and marriage proposals. Click here to find out more on how this whole crazy diamond ring thing got started. Click here to find out more on how this whole crazy diamond ring thing got started.

Knowing what characteristics to look for in a diamond can also be as clear as mud. With all the schemers and scammers in this world, how do you know if you're actually being sold a real diamond? Something that can help put your mind at ease is purchasing GIA certified diamonds.

One of the next big decisions that ring buyers must make is what kind of cut to purchase. So are you curious as to what is the most popular engagement ring cuts?

Sometimes it helps to know what the guy down the street is doing in regards to buying an engagement ring. Not necessarily to keep up with the Jones's but to get a ballpark as to a reasonable amount to spend on a ring, what it typically looks like in terms of carat size, etc. Inquiring minds want to know about the qualities of an average engagement ring.

Another way to find out about engagement rings is to take a look in one of those glossy bridal magazines However, often these mags will feature high-end designers so proceed with caution if you have a limited budget.

Knowing about the all important engagement ring finger including how to size it so that the ring will fit just right is muy importante!

Once you have an idea of what kind of ring you want, you need to figure out a plan for doing the actual proposal. You want the proposal to be memorable as she will be recounting the story over and over and over. Trust me on this. Check out some marriage proposal ideas.

Are you ready to buy the ring? If you're dead set on getting your jewels at a large retailer check out this website: engagement ring stores

Need a little help with this major purpose? Get assistance from a diamond broker or see if your woman will provide you with any engagement ring hints

You gettin' cold feet? Or not quite ready for the ultimate commitment. Perhaps a diamond promise ring , otherwise known as a pre engagement ring, is for you.

I hate having to be practical but sometimes you just gotta be when it comes to love and war. Broken engagements are a sad fact of life. Check out these tips if you need to sell the engagement ring.

Knowing where to begin in the search for an engagement ring can be overwhelming. It's enough to make a guy lose sleep. Find out what other guys are doing. Check out statistics on engagement rings for help.

Once you have the ring, you want the presentation to be flawless. If it doesn't already come with one, look for a beautiful engagement ring box

Want to have a better understanding of engagement ring etiquette to make sure you are the smoothhhhhhhhest brother around as you gear up for your proposal. Click on the engagement ring etiquette survival guide for a debriefing.

Once you've got that ring on your finger, you want to keep it looking as good as it did the day you received it. That's why it is important to take care of you ring and clean it regularly

Have a great story to share about how you got engaged or want to show off your gorgeous engagement ring? Find out how to do that here.

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