Any Guesses as to What are the Most Popular Engagement Rings Available?

Without further ado........the most popular engagement rings have a solitaire diamond. A solitaire diamond is a diamond that is set alone as a single stone elevated above a band. It prominently displays the diamond but does not overpower it. Also currently popular is a solitaire diamond that is surrounded by smaller diamonds (i.e. baguettes or round stones). Three stone diamond engagement rings have become increasingly popular due to marketing efforts by DeBeers. Three stone diamond rings are said to represent the past, present, and future of your relationship to your beloved.

The most popular engagement ring band metals are gold (both white and yellow) and platinum.

While platinum is the stronger than gold and can withstand more physical abuse, it tends to scratch more easily. Since platinum is much rarer than gold it tends to be much pricier. To the inexperienced, naked eye, platinum and white gold look similar. However, over time, white gold will revert back to its original yellow color, since white gold is man-made and it must then be re-plated. My personal preference is for white gold since it is more in vogue than yellow gold, but less expensive than platinum.

The round diamond is the most popular cut available. It displays the most fire and brilliance out of all the shapes available. The princess cut, which has a square shape, is next in line in the popularity contest as it also has a lot of brilliance.

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