Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Will Cost You an Arm, a Leg, and a Vital Organ or Two

Pink diamond engagement rings received a lot of attention recently when J-Lo received an equisite 6 carat pink diamond in 2002 from Ben Affleck. Although the romance fizzled, the desire for pink diamonds did not.

Only a small number of pink diamonds are found each year, making them both extremely rare and highly sought after. Due to the supply/demand factor, they are often extremely costly and can easily run over $10,000 and typically much much more. Natural pink diamonds are light in color with just a hint of pink. Most of the world's pink diamonds are found in Australia.

An appealing alternative to pink diamonds are pink sapphire engagement rings. For those who fall into the "want champagne on a beer budget category," you can always combine small pink diamonds with more affordable gemstones. Also, colorless diamonds can undergo treatment to develop a pink hue at a more affordable price.

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