What are Peridot Engagement Rings and Why Buy Them?

Buying peridot engagement rings is becoming more and more popular, but what exactly is peridot and what are the advantages of purchasing a ring containing it?


What Are Peridot Engagement Rings?

Peridot is a precious stone that is often seen as a cheaper alternative to other more valuable ones. It is found in many different places but perhaps the most famous of these is in some meteorites that have crashed into earth – with the largest of these being offered at a price of $3 million in an auction house in London. The largest cut peridot in existence currently sits on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Peridot is a naturally occurring crystal and is usually green in color. For this reason it is often mistaken for an emerald, which means that buyers must be careful that they are not in fact purchasing a cheap, manmade emerald instead. Although peridot is usually seen with a green coloration, it is possible to alter the color, usually through the use of an iron based coloring agent. However, the most beautiful and highly desirable peridot has a content of less than 15% iron, as this ensures that it remains a deep green color.

Why Buy Peridot Engagement Rings?

Perhaps the main motivation for most people when buying peridot engagement rings is the fact that they are so much more affordable than most other types of precious stones. Although peridot is reasonably rare in the natural world, the cost of mining it is minuscule when compared to diamonds, emeralds and other popular stones, so this saving is passed on to the consumer. Although money isn’t always at the top of most peoples’ minds when looking for engagement rings, these tough economic times have necessitated that people start being more frugal in all areas of their life.

Other than financial considerations, there is one other reason for the popularity of peridot engagement rings, and that is the style and look that they provide. In fact, many people actually see peridot as a genuine substitute for both emeralds and diamonds, such is the beauty of this stone. Granted, the owner will always know that they aren’t necessarily sporting the priciest ring in the world, but it will still manage to turn heads everywhere it is seen. This can be further enhanced when the rest of the ring is crafted to a high standard.

The one thing to be careful with when buying peridot engagement rings is that peridot is a rather brittle stone, therefore meaning that the owner has to take good care not to knock it or damage it in any other way. For this reason, peridot engagement rings are not a good choice for those that do a lot of physical work or who participate in particularly vigorous or high contact sports. For most people though, peridot engagement rings will be the perfect choice to celebrate an engagement to the person that they love above all others!