Pear Shaped Engagement Rings - My Least Favorite Diamond Shape

I will tell you that I don't like pear shaped engagement rings, because I've tried to be honest with you throughout my website. I think they're ugly. Yes, I'm a pear-hater. Perhaps I've been influenced by some of my friends who also don't like the pear. I remember one time when an acquaintance of mine got engaged. My friend, who was closer to this person, forwarded me a picture of her pear diamond with a disparaging caption about the ring shape. All cattiness aside, everyone has different views on what looks good, so don't let my taste unduly influence you.

The pear shaped diamond is considered to be a round brilliant diamond at one end and a marquis-engagement-rings shape at the other. It is sometimes referred to as a tear drop due to its rounded side and pointed edge.

A length-to-width ratio between 1.45 and 1.75 is typically considered most desirable for the pear. Just so you know, the pear-shaped diamond is less sparkly than the round brilliant, and loses more brilliance, if poorly proportioned. One thing in particular to avoid when shopping for a pear shape is the dreaded bow tie effect: a dark area in the middle of the diamond which looks just like a black bow tie. It is hard to avoid the bow tie effect completely with the pear. One nice thing about the pear is that it tends to make one's fingers look slimmer.

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