Our Engagement Story

by Andrea Rahn
(Plano, TX)

My boyfriend, Steven, had recently started his own company. Although the company would eventually be a success, in the beginning money was tight as he was trying to get his company off the ground. It was at this time that we were talking about getting married. Steven was adamant that we would have a traditional engagement. He wanted to ask my parents for their permission and propose with a beautiful engagement ring. I knew my parents would be thrilled that Steven would be a part of my family, but I didn't know when he would ever be able to afford a ring.

One weekend, my brother came to our town to visit. After we had dinner at my parents house, we were going to meet him downtown to go clubbing. On the way downtown, we got into a discussion about the ring. Steven was asking me what type of ring I wanted. I told him that I always dreamed of the traditional solitaire engagement ring, the same type as my grandmother. Steven frowned and asked if I minded waiting longer, until he could afford the ring I always wanted. I told him that the ring was not as important to me as starting our life together. I spent most of the trip downtown trying to convince him that a ring didn't matter.
When we finally got to the parking lot downtown, Steven came around to open my door. He got down on one knee, and pulled out a gorgeous diamond solitaire ring. It sparkled even in the moonlight. It was just like the one I had just described to him!
We have been married for five years. We are better off financially then we were back then. Ever so often, Steven asks me if I'd like to exchange my engagement ring for a fancier one. I just laugh and tell him not to be silly. After all, this ring made my dreams come true.

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