Onyx Engagement Rings

Onyx Engagement Rings

Who said that an engagement ring had to be set with a diamond? Today’s trend is leaning towards the different and more unique as more and more engagement rings are being set with colored gemstones. One of the gemstones that have become increasingly popular is the onyx. Just like every woman must have a little black dress in her wardrobe, having jewelry that has a black stone in it is just as essential. Onyx symbolizes bonding, something that you are committing to when asking your love to marry you. For those with beliefs relating to the metaphysical properties of certain stones, the onyx aids new romances and helps to develop the communicative skills of lovers.

Onyx is actually a form of agate that is composed of microcrystalline quartz. In its natural state, onyx is usually banded and is intriguingly unclear. Most often onyx is tinted black to minimize the variations of coloring. Onyx is most often found where there is volcanic activity.

The onyx only has a moderate hardness compared to diamonds or other gemstones. One must exercise caution when wearing onyx jewelry to avoid sharp contrast in temperatures, ultrasonic cleaners, and common household cleansers. It is recommended to remove an onyx engagement ring when washing dishes or performing other household cleaning.

There is a multitude of ways that one can design an engagement ring with an onyx. Settings made of white gold, platinum, silver, or yellow gold. The blackness of the stone lends to creativity and versatility. No matter what your beloved wears, an onyx engagement ring will compliment her clothing choice from dressy to casual. The most elegant settings for onyx are often antique in style.

If you wish to present your intended bride with a ring that is stylish, minimalistic, and unique, you cannot go wrong with an engagement ring that is designed with an onyx gemstone.

Most jewelers carry a variety of onyx rings in a variety of settings, but if you need a little help choosing the engagement ring that stands out, we have a few sites that may aid you in your search.

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