What Non Diamond Engagement Rings are there?

Non diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, but what are the more popular choices?


Why Buy Non Diamond Engagement Rings?

There really are two main reasons why people are choosing to buy non diamond engagement rings in greater and greater numbers, with the first of these being that they are simply a whole lot cheaper than buying diamonds! As everyone knows, a diamond is the most expensive stone that can be bought and with prices often touching $10,000 for a diamond engagement ring, people simply can’t afford this kind of extravagance at the moment.

The other reason why people are buying non diamond engagement rings is the fact that they offer something different – a type of ring that nobody else has and therefore a point of discussion when talking with people. Everyone wants to be a bit unique, so buying non diamond engagement rings helps to achieve this desire.

What Alternatives to Diamonds Are There?

There are a huge amount of different non diamond engagement rings that can be bought nowadays, but perhaps the most popular of these is the emerald engagement ring. Emeralds have a beautiful deep green color to them and have been coveted for thousands of years. One word of warning regarding emeralds though is that they are quite brittle, which means that when they are placed in a ring the wearer has to be extremely careful. A good jeweler will be able to give advice on the best type of setting to protect the stone.

Another hugely popular of the non diamond engagement rings is the topaz engagement ring, which has been used in jewelry all the way back to Roman times. Most people associate topaz with being blue, but it can actually be supplied in a number of other colors as well, such as pink, brown and yellow. Topaz is a reasonably hard stone and therefore it should be kept away from other jewelry when stored, as it can easily scratch less robust items. Essentially, topaz should be treated in the same way that diamonds are. Make sure they are kept out of direct sunlight for extended periods, as they will fade.

Sapphires are also still hugely popular choices for engagement rings and can come in a huge amount of different colors. In fact, any stone of the corundum family is called a sapphire, except red ones (ruby) and pink or orange ones (padparadscha). They are the strongest stones after diamonds and therefore are great for those that think their engagement ring might occasionally take a knock or two. Sapphires are also thought to protect the wearer from evil and harm, therefore they are the perfect choice when looking for non diamond engagement rings!

As can be seen just by looking at the above three entries, there are a huge amount of non diamond engagement rings out there – and this doesn't even mention the ones made with garnet, morganite, onyx, tanzanite, aquamarine or tsavorite! A trip down to your closer jewelers or online will really open your eyes to the true possibility of finding something else other than the common diamond…