New Style Engagement Rings: Find Out What's Hot to Wear on Your Ring Finger

Everyone wants to know what the trendy, new style engagement rings are for 2009. All right!! Let's get down to business:

#1 These days, ladies are all about the glitter. I'm talking about the mad bling glitter that comes from a row of tiny diamonds sparkling in a band. Yeah, yeah yeah! (okay, I know I've just about lost any guy who's stumbled upon this page with my excitement) ......... I'm talking about engagement rings with pave diamonds and eternity engagement rings

#3 Semi-bezel engagement rings look really stylish and are great for active lifestyles. The diamond is actually inserted either halfway or fully into the band, so it never gets in the way. Most traditional engagement rings have diamonds which are raised above the band with prongs, and for some, this can be very annoying. Check out semi-bezel engagement rings

#4 Talking about trendy, new style engagement rings would be remiss without mentioning tension mount engagement rings or what others call the mysterious floating diamond ring phenomenon. Check out tension mount engagement rings

#5 To solitaire or not to solitaire...that is the question. Who wants one diamond when you can have three beautiful ones. More and more are choosing alternatives to the traditional solitaire ring such as three stone engagement rings

#6 Something that's becoming pretty popular these days when you build your own engagement rings is having a personal inscription engraved on the inside of the engagement and wedding bands. It could be a short quote, special phrase, humorous quip, etc. It's up to you and your intended. Find out more about hand engraved wedding rings

#7 Giving diamonds is never in poor taste, even after you are already married. As your anniversary approaches, considering giving your soulmate diamond anniverary rings

#8 Scatter set engagement rings are perfect for the women who loves multiple diamonds! And what woman doesn't love multiple diamonds?

#9 Palladium engagement rings are the "new black" of the engagement ring world. This metal is inexpensive and beautiful. Also, another engagement ring metal to check out are stainless steel engagement rings

#10: Channel Set Engagement Rings This type of setting is where diamonds (or other gemstones of your choice) are arranged in a linear pattern and set into the band of the ring. There is a small ridge on each side that is there to hold the gemstones in place without the aid of prongs. Engagement channel settings are becoming increasingly popular because the gemstones are more fully protected from getting chipped or damaged.

#11 Frugal is very in style these days! With the economy in the toilet, everyone is looking to save on wedding extras, from the ring, to the dress, to the wedding venue, to the cake, and so on. Here is a website that will show you how to do everything on the cheap...but with STYLE and CLASS! Check out Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings

#12: Black and White Diamond Rings: Black and white diamonds together look amazing, like classic black and white photography, especially when they are set in rings of precious metals like silver, white gold, platinum, or palladium.

#13: Find out the latest news stories related to engagement rings...everything from items about specific engagement ring companies, to celebrity engagement rings, to unique engagement ring stories, mishaps, and foibles. Check out engagement ring news trends

#14: Ladies, love them or leave them.....the disney princesses have invaded the bridal world. Identify with a certain princess? Your in luck, choose from rings fit for a Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariele or Belle. Check out disney princess engagement rings

#15) Want to see the most beautiful Diamond Ring available this season? Check out these hot engagement rings!

#16: There is no doubt that buying 2 ct diamond engagement rings is a massive decision, therefore meaning that a lot of different questions need to be asked in store.

#17: Engagement cluster rings have really started to become popular in the last few years, but what are the factors that are causing this surge in popularity?

#18: Diamond engagement rings with halos are becoming more and more popular, but what are they and why do people like them so much?

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