Represent Your Tribal Heritage With Native American Engagement Rings

Native American Engagement Rings

For couples seeking a uniquely designed engagement ring or wedding bands, try looking at the Native American designed rings. Many couples are choosing Native American jewelry because they want to reflect their heritage, believe in the symbolism, or in the ideals that are manifested by such jewelry. You do not have to be Native American to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into their jewelry. Many of the designs are inspired by the spiritual beliefs of a tribal nation, and vary from tribe to tribe.

Most of the Native American jewelry makers today come from a long line of artisans, their knowledge of their tribal history and the symbols is literally hundreds of years old. The jewelry they create has smooth, straight lines and the designs are never lopsided or uneven. Their stones are tightly fit into their settings. You will not see shoddy craftsmanship in their jewelry.

Native American engagement rings and wedding bands are most often made of silver, though some rings can be found made of gold or platinum. They also traditionally use natural resources such as wood, hemp, hematite, jade, or quartz to make rings from. Their gemstones are usually natural stones like turquoise engagement rings (the most popular, meaning wealth and prosperity), mother of pearl, agate, opal, jade, coral, onyx, lapis lazuli, or carnelian that have been polished, but never faceted. It is not unusual to find carvings of a buffalo, wolf, eagle, horse, or bear incorporated into the design of their rings as these to the Native American represent spirit guides or protective totems. Symbols like a leaf, running water, or mountains are also commonly depicted in their jewelry as well because these keep the wearer connected to the land, or Mother Earth. Some geometric patterns consisting of metal and stone are also symbolic to certain tribes.

If you live in the Southwestern United States then you probably have great access to many superb craftsmen, either on the reservations or in specialty shops. Otherwise, you can go online to the following retailers to view and order Native American Jewelry:• Ugly Otter• Bear Claw Jewelry• Ben Nighthorse• Native American Traditions• Native Arts Trading• The Navajo Silversmith• American Trails• Eagle Rock Trading Post• Touch Wood Rings

While most authentically made Native American jewelry is priced reasonably, some items can be quite expensive. Just keep in mind that you are choosing rings that have a spiritual meaning in most cases, and these blessings are meant to enrich your lives together.

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