My proposal

by J

My man surprised me with a 1.25 carat beautiful ring on Valentine's day. First he cooked me a five course meal at his apartment and put out all the works....dim lighting, candles lit, a dozen roses.....He made a delicious chicken dish with fettucine alfredo (my favorite) and opened a bottle of champagne. We ate, drank and enjoyed each other's company. I then tried to convince him to watch my favorite show (the bachelor at the time)...while he wanted to watch 24 (his favorite show at at the time).....I tried to argue for watching the bachelor in his bedroom while he separately watched 24 in his living room.....he strongly argued for us to watch 24 together in the living room....little did I know he had a surprise waiting for me in the bedroom.

After watching 24, I wanted to give him a gift that I had bought for him. I gave him the gift and then he responded that he had a gift for me. I opened up his was a stuffed animal that I had given to him during our first Valentine's day together....(it had become something of a private joke between us)....I was confused that he was re-gifting me this stuffed animal from three years ago......he let me remain puzzled for a minute.....and then said that he had one more gift for me if I wanted to open it......

He led me into the bedroom....He had candles lit throughout his room and rose petals scattered the center of it all, was a beautiful jewelery box....I still didn't know that he was going to propose at this point.....until he got down on one knee and popped the question......I was so stunned I couldn't do anything but hug him.....until he pressured me to say something.....and of course, I said that I would love nothing mor ethan to be his wife.

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