my engagement proposal story

by Stephanie
(Long Island, NY)

Part of the reason i liked Aaron so much was that he always picked me up at Manhattan's Penn Station whenever I came into the city to see him. Our normal routine was for me to come into Penn, Aaron would pick me up and we'd either go out to dinner or back to his apartment before going out. So this one particularly cold night in November before Thanksgiving, I came into the city and Aaron was in the normal place where he'd meet me. I was wearing a coat that was too light for the night, so I asked him if we could stop at Macy's on 34th street. He told me he was really hungry and would prefer not to stop and shop. So we started walking back to his apartment but I got a little cranky at that point because I was freezing. So Aaron hailed a cab and, of course, we got stuck in awful traffic. In the meantime, we started to argue, as I was freezing and hungry and Aaron was acting a little strange. He was really warm and sweating while I was completely frozen. Finally, about 4 blocks from his apartment, we decided to get out and walk the rest of the way as we hadnt moved in 15 minutes. We continued to argue as I couldnt understand why he wouldnt let me buy a warm jacket. And he was acting extremely frustrated. As he was letting me into his apartment I went to run and lie under the covers like I usually did when i realized that his whole apartment was covered in lit candles and flower petals. At that point, i fell over laughing, finally realizing why Aaron was being so stubborn about not letting me stop at Macy's. He then dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

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