Minimalist Engagement Rings are Perfect for the Woman who is Classy but Not Showy

One popular style for a minimalist look is a simple band with a small diamond center.

Another popular look is a white gold or platinum ring with small diamonds or diamonds chips embedded into the setting.

There is no single style that represents a minimalist look. It's whatever you and your woman want it to be. How freeing!

One need not shop solely amongst the bridal jewelry section in order to find a large selection of minimalist rings. You can look at the "general rings" section of a jewelry store as well.

Minimalist engagement rings need not look like engagement rings at all. Minimalist engagement rings are typically simple, yet sleek designs. The woman who favors this type of ring wants to show that she is committed to someone but does not need everyone's attention to be drawn to her ring finger. She cannot be brainwashed by high pressure consumer messages put out by the diamond industry and feels secure with herself and her relationship with you. Feel lucky to have her :)

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