While I typically like most all jewelry I see- I've got to say, I really really like Michael B Engagement rings.

What can I say. Michael B Engagement Rings are absolutely gorgeous. Michael designed his rings with the idea in mind that he wanted a woman to look spectacular with her engagement ring, no matter whether she was wearing jeans or a cocktail dress. What a guy!

Michael B. lives and works in California. He is most known for his unique engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings. He has many celebrity fans and patrons in the entertainment industry.

Michael loves to use platinum metals and pave diamond settings. He is credited with cutting edge techniques and trends such as micro-pave metal work as well as collections where there is a matching band on either side of the engagement ring. In general, his rings are ultra feminine and detail oriented. He has some three stone engagement rings but seems to prefer rings with one center stone. Out of his designs, I like the trois collection the best.

I couldn't find a website devoted to Michael B engagement rings but his pieces are available at jewelry stores such as Solomon Brothers, Pearlman's Jewelers, and Bernie Robbins. I've seen his glamorous engagement rings run from around $4,000 to $20,000 on the several websites I looked at. But the range may be much wider than this.

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