Marquis Engagement Rings Boast a Number of Neat Properties

Marquis engagement rings are oval shaped diamonds which have both ends pointed. Marquis diamonds have 56 facets and are twice as long in length as their width. The 2 to 1, length to width ratio is considered ideal and something to think about when shopping for a marquis, as it will effect the sparkliness of the diamond. A good cut is important cut is also important in that it helps prevent the dreaded "bow tie" effect, whereby the center of the diamond is darker and has reduced brilliance

While the Marquis diamond is by no means my favorite shape, it boasts a number of cool properties:

1) It has a cool story behind it: The shape of the stone was said to be designed for Louis XIV of France who wanted a diamond fashioned after the Marquise de Pompadour's smile.

2) The marquis diamond is considered one of the most flattering for the hand as it makes the finger look more slender

3) The stone may look bigger than it actually is. The marquis diamond not only has a large surface area but the elongated lines can make the carat size look larger than what you plunked down money for.

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