Mariah Careys Engagement Ring Was Almost Scandalous

Mariah Careys Engagement Ring and Wedding: Recording artist Mariah Carey has recently been in the spotlight for more than her award-winning vocals and chart-topping hits. As the best selling female pop artist of the new millennium, her Grammy awards are well earned with her well-known vocal range, power and style. The singer, songwriter, record producer and actress can now add one more attribute to add to her resume now – wife. Nick Cannon, a younger record producer, actor/comedian and rapper, is now combining efforts and talents with Mariah in her upcoming projects.

The closeness of the two newlyweds is apparent in how they compliment each other’s personalities. With a strong religious background, both Mariah and Nick immediately connected on the solid values that each of them possesses especially since both Mariah and Nick coming from split-parent homes while they were growing up. Music has always been a favorite pastime and escape for both of them as they matured.

The quick-paced romance and engagement has brought the media to attention with the timing as well as the engagement ring that Mariah has received from her newfound love. Nick Cannon was previously engaged to a model, Selita Banks who had also displayed a ring very familiar to the one that Mariah currently wears. Reports have said that Nick personally designed Mariah’s ring himself and was crafted by Jacob & Company, the celebrity jeweler who have since confirmed its originality. This 17-carat pink diamond engagement ring sparkler that retails at over $2.5 million, it has brought more attention than any other ring of similar size and style. Featuring 58 pink diamonds with 2 half-moon diamonds on each side, it could be taken as similar to the previous ring of ex-fiancée Selita Banks.

The pair met earlier this year on the set of Mariah’s music video for “Bye, Bye” and where Nick was directing on her behalf, therefore quickly escalating to a heated romance from there. With only an entire month of courting time, some say this whirlwind romance is a bit too fast and may not last regardless of how much in love they claim to be. With extravagant expressions of affection such as their night out in Las Vegas and renting the Six Flags Magic Mountain for themselves and close friends, it is reminiscent of two young people in love. With their very secret ceremony in Eleuthera at Mariah’s home in the Bahamas with only a few immediate family members and friends, it is no secret now that the two of them are very much in love with one another.

With 11 years difference between Carey and Cannon speculation of the new marriage has already been contemplated. With one marriage of 5 years already for Carey and a previous engagement for Cannon, one can only hope that this relationship will be the one that works for both of them. They are certainly not the first Hollywood couple to have tied the knot in such a short time or have such a difference in ages between them and they most certainly won’t be the last.

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