Lesbian Engagement Rings: Show Off Your Committment With Pride and Style

Lesbian engagement rings are perfect for those who are thinking about marrying the woman of their dreams and want to spend from here to eternity with their partner. Don't feel obliged to stick to any conventions related to heterosexual engagements, unless you would like to (i.e. spending 3 months salary, purchasing a large diamond stone, etc). After all, lesbian engagements or unique and so too should be the ring.

Jewelry is often most cherished when it holds special meaning for the recipient and lesbian and gay engagement rings are no different. Consider getting a piece which somehow symbolically speaks volumes i.e. design one together with a jeweler, get an inscription of a favorite saying on the inside of the band, using your partner's birthstone, or have a design engraved that means something just for the two of you.

Many symbols abound in the gay and lesbian community that you may or may not want to incorporate into your ring. Rainbows are fun for some but not for everyone. In the rainbow flag, red is for life, orange is for health, yellow for the sun, green for nature and blue for harmony. Some prefer the gay pride triangle, although it is more commonly used amongst gay men. The Venus symbol, which represents the female, is not only a symbol of lesbianism, but of powerful womanhood in general. In addition, the Greek lower case of the letter 'l' for lambda, represents liberation and the struggle for gay civil rights.

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