What are Leo Diamond Engagement Rings?

Leo diamond engagement rings are one of the most sought after rings in the world, but what makes a Leo diamond so special?


What Is Unique About Leo Diamond Engagement Rings?

Everyone knows that a diamond ring is the height of luxury when it comes to getting engaged, but until now the quality of the diamond had simply been measured on how many carats it had. This is not the case anymore though, as a Leo diamond brings a new dimension to the way in which diamonds are judged. This is because the Leo diamond is known to be the brightest diamond available – a claim that has been independently certified by GemEx Systems, who are a gemological laboratory.

This brightness is known as “Return of Light” and is measured from five independent viewing angles. Wherever this diamond is looked at from, the brightness is far superior, even to the naked eye. To further provide proof of this, all Leo diamond engagement rings come with a certificate, to prove that they have been tested.

How Is This Brightness Created?

The brightness of the diamond in Leo diamond engagement rings is created by ensuring that the different facets are placed perfectly symmetrically to each other, therefore allowing the facets to refract from one facet to the other without ever losing any intensity. This light is then perfectly dispersed through the top of the diamond, therefore ensuring that the maximum amount of light possible comes out of the area that everyone looks at. This means that Leo diamond engagement rings are far brighter than other diamonds of the same size and carat weight.

You might think that the creation of the Leo diamond was something that came about through a breakthrough in technology, and in some ways you would be right. However, it was only due to the diligent work of Leo Schachter – the company’s founder – that this type of diamond was made possible. By combining this passion for creating the perfect diamond with new technological advances, people are now able to purchase Leo diamond engagement rings throughout the world – as long as they can afford them, that is!

How Much Do Leo Diamond Engagement Rings Cost?

As you might expect, due to the increase in quality that Leo diamond engagement rings bring, they are much more highly priced than regular diamonds. This isn’t to say that all Leo diamond engagement rings are the same price though, as there are a number of factors to consider. The first of these is the quality of the diamond itself, in terms of carat size, clarity and color. Like other diamonds, Leo diamonds are ruled by these three factors, so the higher the quality, the more money will need to be paid.

The other factor to consider when it comes to the price of Leo diamond engagement rings is what they are mounted in – i.e. what type of ring is being bought. There are several different options here, and while the most popular is undoubtedly gold, there are cheaper options available. So if you are desperate to have a Leo diamond engagement ring but need to knock the price down a bit, try to go for something other than gold!