Legendary Engagement Rings: These Rings and Their Wearers have Made History

Legendary Engagement Rings: The romances, engagement rings and weddings of famous women of today and the past, will continue to fascinate us with their bedazzling nuptials and fairytale (although not always) endings. We can continue to admire the beautiful diamonds and gemstones of these fabulous women through pictures in books and museum showcases.

Legendary Diamonds: These rare, expensive diamonds conjure up images of romance, as well as images of the exciting lifestyle which requires money to be financed into existence. Many of these extravagant diamonds have been found throughout the world in high profile diamond mines

Marilyn Monroe owned many jewelry boxes full of diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. It's true that she got to wear a lot of these things--being a big Hollywood screen start and sex symbol, she was often given jewelry to wear on loan at no cost by jewelers who wanted to use her for promotional ends. So she got to look great for free and they got free advertising.

But the truth is, Marilyn Monroe only ever owned two pieces of authentic high-class jewelry

Jackie-O is remembered mostly as the beautiful young bride of the United States thirty-fifth president. When one calls her image to mind, we see a beautiful woman with poise, grace, and flawless style.

Priscilla Presley married the king of rock and got quite a rock herself: a 3.5 carat engagement ring surrounded by 21 smaller diamonds. For all of you who have waited a long time to get a ring from your man, you probably didn't wait as long as Priscilla. The courtship leading up to their marriage took place over an 8 year period

Known for her beauty and style, it is only fitting that Grace Kelly's engagement ring and wedding were straight out of a fairytale.Grace met Prince Rainier in 1955 at the Cannes Film festival where she agreed to be photographed with the prince. She was 26 at the time and the prince was 32. Six month later, their engagement was announced to the world.

Princess Diana's engagement ring is a magnificent 18-carat blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The princess had many fabulous pieces of jewelry and her jewelry collection was estimated to be worth over 30 million dollars. Some of her most well known pieces include: Her dangling pearl and diamond tiara, referred to as the Cambridge Love Knot.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (Philippos Mountbatten of Greece) have been married for over 61 years now. Elizabeth first met Philip when he was just in his late teens and she was only 13. It was love at first sight for Elizabeth and after she returned home from where she met him--the wedding of his cousin, Princess Marina of Greece

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