Lazare Diamond Rings Are Formulate Mathematically to Give You the Perfect Cut

Lazare Diamond Ringss are living legends of precision and dazzlement, as the Lazare gemologists focus on the ideal cut--the most important of the "four C's" of the diamond world. Every Lazare diamond is cut to perfect precision, using a mathematical formula and precision tooling. This gives each diamond an ideal set of proportions for optimal reflection and refraction of light, so that they have the most possible "fire" and brilliance. By using this precise mathematical formula and amazingly detailed cutting techniques, Lazare crafts the most perfect possible table -- the central, large facet which is on top of the diamond and is the most noticeable. Diamonds that are not so perfectly cut "leak light" out of their side facets or have interior shadows, and some of the fire and brilliance of the original diamond are gone forever. In addition, every one of the Lazare diamonds of at least .18 carat have a proof-of authenticity logo and a proof-of-ownership individual identification number laser-inscribed onto their circumference. Thus, Lazare diamonds are among the most coveted to be featured in engagement and wedding rings, as they are without doubt among the most beautiful cut diamonds in the world.

Having been around since 1903, the company has had quite a while to hone its gemology and lapidary mastery. Lazare Kaplan International, Inc. was founded in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. It was in 1957 that Lazare Kaplan developed the dimensions for the modern oval shape of diamond, and in 2003 the company modernized the proportions for the classic cushion and the square emerald cuts. Exquisite proportions and finely balanced cuts mean everything to the company. Lazare staunchly subscribes to the Kimberly Process, meaning they uphold the highest ethical standards of their industry and refuse to deal in blood diamonds or any other underhanded dealings in the precious gemstones.

Lazare makes their diamonds available as loose gemstones for people to have set in custom designed engagement and wedding rings. However, through the years they have also developed proprietary ring styles. Their biggest sellers are their solitaire and their three stone ring designs, which aim for simplicity and the highlighting of the amazing beauty of the rings' diamonds.

Lazare diamonds and engagement and wedding rings are not sold by the company directly. One must find an authorized merchant dealer of the exquisite gemological works. The company's website has a search feature that will allow one to locate the closest merchant to them.

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